VPHAS+ is an ESO Public Survey. Hence all data will be released through ESO. Initial data products include reduced images and unstacked single-band source lists. There will be a succession of releases leading to the final goal of a well-validated point source catalogue of u/g/r/i/Hα photometry at an external (systematic) precision of 0.02—0.03 magnitudes on over 300 million objects.

Third VPHAS data release (DR3)

For reduced images and single-band source lists, an incremental release covering data-taking from 1st October 2013 through to 30th September 2015 has been made. DR3 adds a further 19 percent of the complete survey to the 24 percent released under DR2. At ESO, it is accessible via the links given below for DR2.

A superseding band-merged catalogue is being prepared by WFAU, Edinburgh.

Second VPHAS data release (DR2)

This covers the first 21 months of data-taking in which the survey progressed to 24 percent completion. Much of the Galactic mid-plane is now covered (especially in the r, i and Hα filters). This release supersedes DR1. For access to the release documents and ESO archive entry, see ESO's public survey pages.

The VPHAS-DR2 Point Source Catalogue can be queried either via the ESO User Portal, or at CDS/Vizier via catalogue II/341. Band-merged PSF and aperture photometry are provided for most of the DR2 sky area with an approximate global calibration. The description of this data product is given here.

Reduced images and unstacked single-band source lists can be directly accessed via the ESO phase 3 query interface. A copy of the release description is available here, while the following files list the released red- and blue-filter data by name and sky coordinates:
As many fields as possible have been included in DR2 even if, occasionally, this introduces some exposures subject to e.g. sky transparency changes. Where there is a known data-quality issue it is noted in the comment column in these lists.

The means to custom band-merge data from the ESO archive or to convert single-band fluxes into magnitudes is offered here and download of the python software package is available here.

First VPHAS data release (DR1)

The first release of reduced images and single-band source lists, VPHAS-DR1, that was based on 10% of the survey footprint and the first 9 months of observing, was made available in 2013. It has been superceded by the second data release.

New and known issues
In common with other large pipelined datasets, VPHAS+ data occasionally present artefacts and niggles. Please refer to the dedicated web-page on known issues identified in some data to learn more.
Users of VPHAS+ data are also strongly encouraged to report new issues or difficulties encountered to feed into the continuing development of data products. Please use our bug report form to do this.

How to acknowledge use of the data

Users of VPHAS+ data should cite Drew et al (2014) and acknowledge the source of the data as follows:

Based on data products from observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla Paranal Observatory under programme ID 177.D-3023, as part of the VST Photometric Hα Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Bulge (VPHAS+, www.vphas.eu).